Checking Accounts

Paying too much for checking? You have options!

With a variety of features and benefits, Countryside CU has the checking account that offers the best value and the right fit for you.

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Credit union checking accounts are called share draft accounts. Share drafts, like checks, are accepted almost everywhere. Some checking accounts pay dividends if you keep a minimum balance in your account. Generally, the higher the balance in your checking account, the more dividends you'll earn and the fewer service fees you'll pay.

Our service fees, fines, and minimum balance requirements are generally lower than elsewhere. With a variety of features and benefits, you can find the checking account that offers the best value for you.

Checking Agreement with Overdraft Transfer From Other Shares and/or Loan Account

I/We hereby authorize the Countryside Credit Union (the Credit Union) to establish this Checking Account for me / us. The Credit Union is hereby authorized to pay checks signed by me (or by any of us) and to charge such payments against funds in this Checking Account.

Additional Terms & Conditions

The Credit Union is hereby authorized to recognize any of the signatures subscribed on the reverse side hereof in the payment of funds or the transaction of any business for this account. The joint owners of this account hereby agree with each other and with the Credit Union that all sums now paid in, or heretofore or hereafter paid in by any or all of said joint owners to their credit as such joint owners with all accumulations thereon, are and shall be owned by them jointly, with the right of survivorship and be subject to the withdrawal or receipt of any of them, and payment to any of them or the survivor or survivors, shall be valid and discharge the Credit Union from any liability for such payment.

The right or authority of the Credit Union under this agreement shall not be changed or terminated by said owners, or any of them except by written notice to the Credit Union which shall not affect transactions theretofore made.