Countryside Savings Accounts

Are your savings earning for you? You have options.

With a variety of features and benefits, Countryside CU has the saving account that offers the best value and the right fit for you.


When you join the Credit Union, a regular Share / Savings account is opened for you. We call your savings "shares" as they represent shares of ownership. To keep the account open and maintain voting privileges, a $5 minimum balance must be maintained. Members may open multiple share / savings accounts.

Share Certificates

We offer a range of certificates that allow you to invest for short or long terms. The minimum certificate is $500. Dividends earned are added to the certificate, or as an option, deposited to savings or checking, or mailed to you monthly. Available on one year or longer certificates is our 'Step Up Rate' Program, which allows you to elect a higher available rate one time during the term of the certificate. Certificates are automatically renewed for same term at current rate, unless you advise otherwise. renewal reminder notices are mailed ten days prior to maturity. Penalties for early withdrawal apply.

Club Accounts

For that special occasion, holiday or get-a-way, we offer three club accounts: 'U' Name It Club, Holiday Club and Vacation Club. Dividends are earned on the average daily balance and posted monthly. There's no minimum balance required, and these accounts pay a higher rate of dividend than a regular Share / Savings Account. Your funds are available on demand up to four times per year, and are accessible through Touch Tone Teller and Internet Teller.

Youth Club Accounts

These clubs are a good place to start a habit of saving, investing and becoming financially responsible. Country Kids' Club, for members from birth to 12 years old. Along with a regular share / savings account is a one year certificate with a minimum balance of $100 available at the same rate as the 12 month / $500 minimum certificates. Teen Club, for members in the 13 to 18 year age group. Available to members in this club are: Share / Draft Checking Accounts, VISA ATM / Plastic Check (debit card), Student MasterCards and Student Line-of-Credits. (Please call for details.) For both clubs: dividends are earned on the average daily balance and posted monthly. These accounts also pay a higher rate of dividend than a regular Share/Savings Account.