Student Loans

We want to invest in your future.

With deferred payments, managing the cost of higher education just got easier.

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The cost of education continues to rise, making it harder to afford. Countryside FCU has Student Loans that make the higher education needs for you or your family more affordable and easy to manage.

Higher Education

Two(2) year community college or junior college; a four(4) year college or university; graduate school; or a vocational school. The school must be an accredited institution, which grants a degree or certificate upon graduating.

Types of Loans

The student loan is a two-part, variable rate, deferred payment and unsecured loan to the student with a guarantor.

  • Interest Only
  • No Payments Interest and Principle deferred for four(4) years
  • PLUS Loan Principle and interest payment required (parent Loan)


The student must submit proof of enrollment, a completed application, and a guarantor application to apply for a student loan.

Deferred Payment Plan

While the student is in school there will be no payments due. Interest will accrue and the loan will mature 6 months from the last day of attending school or graduation whichever comes first.

Interest Rates

The interest rate on all deferred student loans, interest only or PLUS Loans will be a variable rate tied to prime. Rates may change monthly.

Loan Disbursements

Loan funds must be used solely for the expenses associated with attendance at the school named in the loan application.

Other conditions and/or restrictions may apply.

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